OhioPLANT, Coalition of Pesticide, Landscape, Agriculture, Nursery, and Turf professionals, formerly the Ohio Professional Applicators for Responsible Regulation, was founded in 1984 after egregious legislation was introduced at the state and local levels relative to pre-notification of lawn care applications. The group has since grown to include members from all sectors of the nutrient and pesticide application industries, as well as nurseries and golf courses.

What does OPARR do?

  • OhioPLANT serves as the single voice of the pesticide and fertilizer industries in Ohio
  • Works closely with the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and other state agencies on matters of importance to our members
  • Monitors state budgets and legislation with our members' interests in mind
  • Serve as a resource for elected officials on pesticide, fertilizer and other areas of expertise of our members
Industry segments represented include:

  • Manufacturers, formulators and distributors of pesticide and fertilizer products
  • Lawn care company owners, managers and applicators
  • Golf course management
  • Sports field managers
  • Parks and recreation
  • Pest management
  • Nursery and landscape
  • Arborists
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