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OhioPLANT testifies before Bexley City Council on a "mosquito contractor" ordinance.

September 28, 2023 3:48 PM | Tony Seegers (Administrator)

OhioPLANT, through its member the Ohio Pest Management Association, learned that the Bexley City Council was considering an ordinance that would have required commercial pesticide applicators conducting a treatment for mosquitoes to first be registered with the city before performing work.

“Mosquito Control Contractor”, as used in the ordinance, would be defined as "any person or firm engaged in the lawful application of airborn pesticides intended for mosquito control."

Additionally, the ordinance would require a "mosquito control contractor" to provide 24 hours (changed from 48) advance notice in writing to all adjacent property owners prior treating for mosquitoes at a property.  The written notice could be an email if the adjacent property owner agreed to email notification.  The ordinance also would have required the written notice to contain an estimate time of application, the chemicals being applied, the method of application, and any other information the "contractor" deemed relevant.

OhioPLANT's lobbyist, Tony Seegers, testified at the September 26 Bexley City Council meeting for the second reading of the ordinance.  He explained that the proposed ordinance is preempted by state laws for commercial pesticide applicators and therefore would be invalid if passed.  OhioPLANT will continue to monitor the situation to see if the city council continues with the ordinance.

You can read the testimony here.

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